Are you looking for an interpreter in your local area? Do you need a translator who specializes in a very specific subject? Our Membership Database contains the contact data of more than 7,500 qualified interpreters and translators covering more than 80 languages. By using the appropriate search criteria you will swiftly find linguistic experts in the required language or for the special subject you need.

In the Membership Database you can search for translators or interpreters. A translator works with a text, producing a written translation of it in another language, whereas an interpreter works with the words spoken in a language, providing an oral translation in another language.

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From Afrikaans to Vietnamese

From Afrikaans to Vietnamese

The specification of a language combination is a minimum requirement for your search. If you have a project that requires multiple languages, our members will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can search for each language separately.

If it is important for you to have a native speaker translate your text, you can select this here or you can just leave the fields empty. Refer to our FAQ for more information on the role of a linguist's native language.

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Oral or written

Oral or written

Oral transfer of speech (interpreting) and written transfer of a text into another language are two different skills entirely. Therefore, not all service providers offer both of these services.

The more you narrow your search here, the more precisely the result will match your requirements. Refer to the help texts and our FAQ section for additional information on particular areas of specialization.

Special subject


From Accounting to Zoology

Just as every human only has expertise in a certain area of specialization in his or her mother tongue, an interpreter or translator will never be an expert in all areas.

By selecting a specialized service provider, you can therefore usually expect a higher degree of quality. Using the default search settings without selecting a specialized area is recommended only for particularly rare languages. A number of display modes are available for your selection.

CAT tool


Specialized software

Specialized software

Translators use computer-assisted translation tools ("CAT tools") in order to accelerate the translation process, and to enhance the consistency of their work. In simple terms, a CAT tool is a sentence store where every translated sentence is stored and indexed. If the translator encounters a sentence (or fragment of a sentence) that is similar to a text translated before, the existing translation can be re-used. Most of the numerous CAT tools available on the market today also support terminology management.

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Regional or international

Regional or international

Here, you can restrict your search to interpreters or translators in your area or in the area where the service providers are required (this filter is currently only active for Germany). To do so, please enter the appropriate postal code and then select the search radius. If you only know the name of the city and not the postal code, you can also look for the postal code here. If you do not enter a postal code, the search will be performed throughout Germany and abroad.

Please note that this function does not specify the actual distance, but simply the average distance between the respective postal codes.

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